11 Expert Tips Before You Make a Whiteboard Lively

While designing a whiteboard, consider the audience. In a lecture or presentation, an audience can read the headlines, sub-headers, and specificities of an article, and the audience will be able to easily follow the content. You can replicate this logic by making each point of the whiteboard easier to read. Using your entire body to draw on the board is important, so use your shoulders, arms, and hands to move from one part of the board to another.

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The surface of a whiteboard is delicate and needs special care. It should be cleaned regularly and not left in a dark or dusty area. You should never use wax-based cleaners on a whiteboard, as these may leave film residue on the board. Moreover, you should avoid wiping off ink with your hands, as your natural oils will ruin the surface over time. You can use toothpaste, Bengay, Comet, or similar products.

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Don’t wipe off ink with your hands. Your hands contain natural oils that can harm the surface and reduce the life of your whiteboard. You can use toothpaste or comet to clean your whiteboard. You can also use abrasive cleaners, but be careful not to use these. They could scratch the surface and leave a film residue. However, they are cheap and effective ways to clean a whiteboard.

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