A comprehensive note on celebrity endorsement

A marketing strategy that utilises a celebrities’ fame to promote a brand or product can be referred to as a celebrity endorsement. Apart from businesses, non-profit organisations and event marketers also use celebrities’ images. They use them to create awareness, improve funding, and enhance prestige and popularity.

Also, a celebrity need not always be a movie star. It is also possible to get celebrity endorsement from sports personalities, social media influencers, music artists, etc. However, your selection of celebrities will be fruitful if they fulfil the following two basic requirements.

Basic requirements for selecting a celebrity

It is essential to ensure whether the celebrity you select represents your business values. It is necessary as the star will stand as a symbol of your brand or product. The next thing to concentrate on is the size of the audience you wish to reach through the celebrity.

Why are celebrities chosen for advertising?

There are many valid reasons for selecting celebrities for advertising, and you can find them here.

There are proven results of how celebrity endorsement helps in increasing sales in the short term. It also helps in creating brand awareness for a long time. It plays a vital role in bringing a significant change to a brand.

It helps in all critical stages like the launch of a new product, market expansion, and brand repositioning. Creating a powerful marketing strategy without celebrity branding is impossible, especially in a highly competitive market.

Different kinds of celebrity endorsement

Celebrity advertisements

Under this, a celebrity is made to act in a video. They are then published by purchasing commercial slots on television, video bumpers on YouTube, and videos for paid campaigns on social media. Businesses will also conduct photoshoots to appear as banners.

Celebrities in live events

Businesses invite celebrities to host a hybrid or virtual event or present a keynote. You might have seen a lot of these events happening in recent times.

Celebrity signature product lines

You might have seen products carrying celebrities’ names, faces, or signatures. This practice is widespread in the music industries and clothing industries.

Celebrity spokesperson

Celebrities are made to speak in the business’s name at numerous 3rd party events and to the media. In addition, not-for-profit sectors commonly use it to highlight causes and raise funding.

Benefits of celebrity endorsement

Influence consumer purchase decisions

The influence of celebrities can directly affect consumer purchase decisions. Some people decide to buy a product when advertised by their favourite celebrity. On the other hand, some people aspire to become like their favourite celebrity and purchase the product. This idea lies behind beauty products and hair care products.

Positioning the brand

It is one of the essential steps in branding. It is crucial for small companies that cannot afford to skip this step. It is the process of positioning a brand in the good books of the target group.

It helps your brand to outshine the crowd.

A celebrity can easily differentiate a brand from its competitors. They are specially used during the instance of an ad recalling. It is considered the most straightforward technique to make customers remember your brand and product.

Thus, building a brand is one of the very challenging tasks for any business. It is essential to get celebrity endorsement as people trust their favourite celebrity easily to reach many people. If they know that their famous star is using a particular product, they believe that their product is worth using. Consumers do not overthink if they see their favourite person’s name in the product.

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