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Alexa Skill Development Tutorial

Before attempting to develop an Alexa skill, you should be familiar with Python and JavaScript Object Notation (JSON). The latter should be learned by reading Working With JSON Data in Python. The Alexa skill is composed of two main parts: the skill interface, which processes user input, and the skill service, which contains the business logic and returns a JSON object. The skill interface defines intents and invocation phrases. It interacts with users and is the heart of the Alexa experience.

The first part of an Alexa skill is its frontend, which plays a spoken sentence. A response is returned by the class response_builder. You can choose a response based on the text or a random joke. Using the latter method, you can create a skill with a fixed response and later replace it with a random one. A simple example can be seen below. In the following code, we define a voice recognition feature for filmik.

After creating an Alexa skill, you need to add the functionality to it. To do so, go to the developer section and click on the Create skill option. You will then need to give your skill a name and select an appropriate model. You will also need to choose if you want to use the Alexa-Hosted method or the Custom model. Then you’ll need to select the skill builder. It will then be easier to create a new skill.

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