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An Actress Who Sounds Like Alexa

If you’ve been searching for an actress who sounds like Alexa, you might be interested in the voice of a Boulder, Colorado voice actress. Nina Rolle is the voice behind the popular Alexa smart speaker. Despite her renowned vocal talents, the voice of Alexa is synthetic. But if you can get past the eerie quality and discover her authentic voice, she might be the right person for the job.

The voice behind Alexa has been a mystery, but recently Amazon Unbound author Brad Stone published an excerpt and suggested that it is Nina Rolle. While Amazon has not commented on the matter, Rolle has her own website and is available for hire. But there’s a chance that the voice isn’t fake. Amazon has not yet responded to multiple requests for comment, and Rolle’s representation has not confirmed or denied her involvement.

The voice behind Alexa was developed by artificial intelligence and a special software program. Nina Rolle has been the voice behind the voice in the past, and she has helped the company sell over 100 million devices. Although she hasn’t publicly commented on Stone’s claims, she has a long list of clients. The demo reel features names like Absolut Vodka, Turner Classic Movies, and Honda. The actress has never spoken publicly about her work for Amazon, so she’s impossible to verify.

Although Amazon hasn’t officially announced whether or not Michael Jackson will use his voice for Alexa, she has been making news for years. It is rumored that Michael Jackson will run for President in 2021. It’s only right, as the voice of the singer was found by a band called The Ambient. Until now, only a woman had been used as the voice behind the digital assistant.

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