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From the moment we meet, Carlyle and I feel connected. She’s a gorgeous, sort of shy young woman who quickly settles into her role as confidante and family member. She’s organized and disciplined, and her sense of righteously righteous ethics are unquestioned. Her brother Julian is a brilliant geneticist with a PhD in molecular biology. He works on the macrogroup project at UC Berkeley—just as my father worked on the macrupertree project at Cal Tech. The MacRump family has been there from the beginning, and they’ve been so much like my parents that it was easy for me to assume that Carlyle was more like my mother than anything else. In some ways, she’s just as old-fashioned as Mom is new-agey.

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The MacRump Family

My parents had a brand-new baby on the way when they got married. In addition to being my stepfather and step-cousin, my parents were also his devoted parents. My real mother died in childbirth, so my real father had full custody of me. My own mother died in childbirth just a few months after giving birth to me, so my original biological mother was my stepmother. When I was four, I was sent to live with my maternal grandparents in Berkeley, where my biological mother had been born. There I became friends with a local boy named Julian MacRump. We hung out a lot, and one day he invited me to a party at his house. We met a few friends there, but we didn’t get involved trendingbird.

Julian MacRump

One night, as I was leaving his house, I heard a peculiar noise. It sounded like a train running over a rock, and even though I was very young, I recognized it as train noise. I turned around to find Julian standing there, his back to me, his hands in the air—like he was answering a question I had just asked. “What was that?” I said. “Nothing,” he said, “It was just a train roaring past.” “It sounded just like a train,” I said. “But what did you do when you were a kid?” “I didn’t do anything,” he said. “It was a train.” I was stumped. I just stood there, gaping at him like a fool. “What do you mean ‘it was a train’?” I said, confused. “It was a train.” “A train?” I said, incredulous. “You mean you heard it running and you didn’t do anything with it?” “You’re the one who’s confused,” he said. “It was a train.” “It was a train?” I said, incredulous. “You mean you heard it running and you didn’t do anything with it?” “Yes I did,” he said. “I went to my room andVoiced the realization that I was going to be a father.” “You mean you didn’t do anything?” “I didn’t do anything,” he said. “I was in my room.” “In your room?” I said, horrified. “You don’t remember something like that?” “Not everything,” he said, “Just the parts that I do.” We spent the next several months together, talking to one another, and discovering that we shared a lot of the same feelings and thoughts.

Merrilee and Marty

One evening, while I was at a friends-to-lovers gathering in the hills above Berkeley, I spotted a beautiful redhead in a baroque gown all by herself. As I watched, she strode purposefully toward me, and with a simple “hello” I recognized that she was my friend Merrilee. For the next month or so we were each other’s best friends. One evening, as we were heading back to our place, we were both surprised when one of our young friends told us that a man had been asking for us. We were both dumbfounded; for the first time in our lives we’d been recognized as members of the opposite sex. Teenagers don’t even know that you can become a couple without being 18 years old. And yet, in that instant, my friend Merrilee became my partner in life.

Alice and Jack

One night, while we were at our friends’ house, we were both sound asleep when a very large man burst into our room. We roughly recognized him as our high school friend, Alice Cody. “Who are you with?” we asked. “I don’t know,” he said, “What are you two playing at?” “We’re playing what?” I said. “You’re both playing with your heart,” he said. “You’re probably just a couple of hormones.” “What are you talking about?” I said. “We’re not even dating yet.” “You two are so cute when you’re like this,” he said, holding up his hand like a “do not” sign. “You’re just soOyado, carrying on.”

Helen and Pauline

One night in our early 30s, while staying in the guest house at my parents’ house on the East Coast, I was sound asleep in the guest bed when I was suddenly wakened by the sound of screaming. I looked out and saw my little friend Pauline standing there, in tears, sobbing into her bedroom door. It was like she was being comforted by me. “What’s wrong?” I said, running to her. “Who’s there?” “It’s Pauline,” she said, “It’s her.” I looked again and saw my little friend lying on the floor. It was her, but with a shock of green hair. We were two weeks into our relationship, and I still couldn’t believe it.

J.J. and Amber

One night, while we were at a nightclub, we both was having a bad time. We were probably talking about it to each other, and then suddenly we were in silence, our eyes closed, their eyes shut. I knew that it was me because I was looking through my eyelids, but I didn’t know if anyone else was there. “What the –” I said, looking at the ceiling. “Nothing,” I said, “It was just a dream.” “It was a vision,” she said, her eyes still shut, “Like an airplane taking off.” It was dark and stormy, and we were alone in the room. For a few seconds, I didn’t know who or what was in the room. It was then that I realized that she was talking to me.

More siblings than I care to count

On our honeymoon, we were visiting my parents at their home in Calistoga, a city in Northern California near Yosemite National Park. As we sat at the dinner table, my parents surprised us by revealed that they owned a private genetics research lab in the middle of their backyard. When we got back to the house, they shared with us the incredible news that they’d been working on the MacRump family for almost 100 years. They’d been perfecting the macrogroup project at Cal Tech, and they’d perfected it in their own backyard.

Jamie and Allie

One night in our early 30s, while we were all sitting at the dinner table, Jamie and I were all dozing off when suddenly we were awash in a strange light. We looked up to see a large, elegant, androgynous man in a black suit standing in our midst. It was Jamie net worth

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