Divorce vs. legal separation in Alabama: Check this guide

If your marriage is on the rocks, a divorce may seem imminent for obvious reasons. However, when you are unsure of whether you want to end the marriage, you may also consider getting a legal separation. Each couple’s circumstances are unique, and it is best to seek legal advice from an expert. Talk to top lawyers from The Harris Firm, LLC, to understand the best option for your situation. In this post, we are discussing the differences between a divorce and a legal separation.

What is a legal separation?

When a couple doesn’t want to get divorced immediately, they may consider going for a legal separation, which allows them to live apart, have separate finances, and move on with their lives. A legal separation also allows the couple to make decisions regarding their minor thetalka child with regard to parenting schedules, child custody, and child support. With a legal separation, you can stay away from your spouse, but you continue to be legally married to them, which also means you cannot remarry. If you wish to remarry, you will need a divorce decree, which terminates your marriage.

What is a divorce?

Your divorce marks the end of your marriage. It refers to full marital dissolution, and everything from assets to matters like child custody, alimony, and child support must be sorted. Once you get the decree, you are not legally married to your spouse and can marry someone again.

Things to understand

Even in a legal separation, the court may decide on things like child custody, parenting schedules, and the division of some assets. Couples often choose legal separation because they don’t want to live together or wish to continue to get the benefits of insurance and other policies. celebrow If you are not getting along with your spouse but wish to wait and see whether divorce is the right choice, consider a legal separation. Many couples avoid divorce for religious beliefs, while others don’t want to let people know their marriage is over.

Get a lawyer

Whether you are considering a legal separation or a divorce, you need to talk to an attorney and discuss the pros and cons. Your lawyer can help you make the right decision and will guide you through the legal process. Once you engage an attorney, you don’t need to worry about the paperwork and filing process, and you can expect to get an update as things move ahead. Most arenagadgets will charge a flat fee for an uncontested divorce web series review.

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