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How to Make an Echo Show Video Call to Android

Making an Echo Show video call to your Android device is easy! The device features a five-inch touchscreen that doubles as a videoconferencing screen. Despite being lightweight, it retains HD fidelity, which is essential for video calls. You can even use the device as a speaker by placing it near your couch. It’s a great way to get more screen real estate and enjoy video calls without having to buy a new TV.

To make an Echo Show video call to your Android device, you’ll need an Amazon Alexa app. You’ll need to download the Alexa app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Once installed, open the app and go to the ‘Video Call’ option. Select the contact to whom you’d like to make the video call, and tap the screen to make the call. Once the call begins, you’ll see an icon on your Echo Show screen. To end the video call, simply press the red “End Call” button.

Depending on the version of your Android device, you can use the app to make an Echo Show video call to your Android device. Microsoft Teams is a web-based video chat platform. It also offers a Firefox and Bing app. These apps will work to connect to your Android device and make video calls. This app is also free. Once you’ve set up your Amazon Show video call to Android device, you’ll be able to make video calls from your Android device to your computer or other smartphone.

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