How to Purchase Bulgarian Yogurt on the Web

If you’ve ever been to Bulgaria, you know how important yogurt is to the culture, cuisine, and health of the country. Ask any Bulgarian about their yogurt, and they’ll most likely tell you it’s the best in the world. But, why is Bulgarian yogurt so special? It may sound like a far-fetched idea, but it’s actually very real. Read on to learn more.

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Authentic Bulgarian yogurt is made with live Lactobacillus Bulgaricus, which is a type of friendly bacteria. It acts as a preservative and is native to Bulgaria. It is extracted from the leaves of the snowdrop flower. It is considered a staple in Bulgarian cuisine and is even used as a preservative. This type of probiotic is known as “sour milk” in Bulgarian.

Many Bulgarian yogurt online companies sell starter kits and will ship you Bulgarian yogurt right to your door. If you’re not familiar with making your own yogurt, you can also purchase a starter kit and get the bacteria you need to make your own. The best places will send their bacteria to you in a sealed envelope, so you can be sure your purchase is genuine. This way, you can have a delicious, healthy meal on the go.

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If you’re not a local foodie, you can buy a starter culture from a reputable online seller. It’s easy to find a Bulgarian yogurt starter culture and start making your own yogurt. Unlike direct-set cultures, heirloom Bulgarian yogurt cultures can be reused indefinitely, allowing you to create batch after batch of delicious, high-quality yogurt. The bacteria in your homemade batch will improve the flavor and texture of your product. If you’re satisfied with your first few batches, you can scale your production to larger sizes.

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