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Is JYP a Bad Company?

Is JYP a bad company? This is a question that has vexed many investors for years. The company has multiple foreign subsidiaries. JYPE Japan Inc. is responsible for the planned Japanese boy group, NiziU, and manages Boystory and Yao Chen, the latter of which was part of the project group R1SE from 2019 to 2021. Other foreign subsidiaries include Studio J, which manages Day6 and Xdinary Heroes. Studio J also created SQU4D, which manages Nmixx.

While JYP is notorious for rejecting talent, this does not mean that they are bad. Many trainees have left the company for various reasons One is the fact that they were physically punished during their training. This is not an uncommon practice with large corporations. Fortunately, JYP has taken some measures to rectify the situation. There have also been reports of JYP’s “evil eye” for their past behavior.

Aside from this, JYP has produced three highly successful groups in just two years. One of these was Miss Ade, whose title song hit the top of the charts just 21 days after debut. It is not surprising that the group has since gained a lot of attention, particularly after its second album, “Bad but Good.”

Another scandal involves Jisoo. Before his debut, Jisoo was accused of rape abuse and assault. These accusations were fabricated by naive netizens. Jisoo had no real chance to perform and woolim could have replaced her with another member of the lovelyz. Woolim believed Jisoo and he had his own fans. The public has moved on from this scandal and Jisoo’s rape allegations.

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