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Is YG Entertainment a Good Company?

Are you wondering if YG is a good company? Here are some reasons to like it and why you shouldn’t. First, there’s the music! YG is constantly looking for talented new artists to join their roster. They have open auditions that take place on their website, which began in May and will run until December 2020. Applicants of all ages are encouraged to attend, although those between the ages of 14 and 16 are the most likely to be accepted.

YG Entertainment has been criticized for their recent scandals, particularly those involving its superstars. Big Bang’s Seungri was implicated in the Burning Sun scandal, which shocked the K-pop industry. Earlier this year, YG executives Yang Hyunsuk and Yang Minsuk announced their plans to resign from their positions at the company. Both men were accused of illegal foreign transactions, habitual gambling overseas, and facilitation of sex services for potential investors.

YG Entertainment also focuses on developing new artists to become K-pop idols. Some of their current groups include Winner, iKon, Blackpink, Big Bang, and Treasure. Other artists under YG Entertainment include Psy and 2NE1. YG is a company worth watching in this K-Pop industry. Its recent history of success speaks for itself, so long as it continues to produce quality groups and artists, it should be a good investment.

In the past few years, YG Entertainment has expanded their reach into mainland China and Taiwan. Despite the scandal, YG is still outside the top three in K-Pop. The company started as a hip-hop group, which favored attitude over cuteness. The company’s success was marked by the success of its most famous artists: Big Bang, 2NE1, and PSY. Its popularity has continued to grow ever since, with their global expansion.

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