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Cybersecurity training platform ThriveDX has raised $100 million in a new funding round led by NightDragon and Prytek. The company partners with 20+ universities to offer cybersecurity training programs. The funding round will help the company continue to expand as the cybersecurity talent shortage grows.

Security-focused venture

The $100 million round is part of a $100 million growth funding round for ThriveDX, co-led by technology investor Prytek and security-focused venture firm NightDragon. Prytek has invested $110 million in the company, and NightDragon and its affiliates have contributed $75 million. ThriveDX has also welcomed Dave DeWalt to its board of directors.

ThriveDX, a cybersecurity and digital skills training company, has secured a $100 million growth funding round led by security focused venture firm NightDragon and technology investor Prytek. The new investment will help fuel the company’s hyper-growth as it expands the technology talent pool to fill open cybersecurity positions and fill the digital skills gap.

Managed cybersecurity services provider SolCyber has raised $20 million in series A funding. The company plans to use the money to expand its technology and go-to-market efforts. The money will also help the company develop its products. This company is a great example of a managed security services provider.

Information security spending

SolCyber is currently employing 12 people, but plans to double that number by year’s end. It plans to compete in the rapidly growing information security market. The company estimates that information security spending will reach $170 billion annually by 2022. It also notes that the pandemic of cybercrime has provided a tailwind to the industry. In addition, the rise of cloud capabilities has helped barriers dematerialize.

SolCyber aims to build a scalable security platform. Its technology stack will support endpoint protection, email security, Active Directory abuse protection, and admin exploitation prevention. It will also include a security operations center to provide correlations, 365-day log retention, and 24-hour monitoring. The company has recently emerged from stealth mode and plans to use the $20 million raised in the series to further develop its goods and services.

Accelerate customer growth

SolCyber is the first modern MSSP designed for the mid-market, enabling organizations to prevent, monitor, and respond to cybersecurity threats. Recently, the company raised $20 million in Series A funding led by ForgePoint Capital. This round of investment will help the company further expand its technology offerings, build market awareness, and accelerate customer growth. It will also support an aggressive hiring strategy.

The company argues that hackers use the same advanced techniques whether they’re targeting a small business or a large corporation. It has already secured a client, the Rizek Group, one of the largest business groups in the Dominican Republic. With the help of SolCyber, the Rizek Group has enhanced its security posture in the areas of email, endpoint, and active directory service. The startup raised an undisclosed amount of early-stage venture capital in September. It also participated in ForgePoint’s accelerator program.

SolCyber’s recent Series funding will help the company expand its product line, enhance its brand awareness, boost customer acquisition, and develop its personnel. SolCyber has already made great strides in its early stage, and its new Series round will enable it to grow even further bestlawyers360.

led by Craft Ventures


The company has twelve employees and plans to expand its staff to 20 by year’s end. Its goal is to break into the lucrative information security market. Analysts estimate that spending on information security will surpass $170 billion by 2022. The company also plans to make a mark in the cloud.

Roboflow is a Des Moines, Iowa-based startup that creates tools for building computer vision models. It has raised $20 million in a series A round led by Craft Ventures. The money will be used to expand its hiring efforts and to continue to improve its computer vision tools.

Roboflow is a cloud-based software system that provides easy-to-use computer vision tools. It also offers services for creating and deploying computer vision models. The startup plans to use the new funding to expand its team. The Roboflow service can also analyze large image datasets and can train computer vision models.

Incorporate computer vision

Roboflow was founded in 2019, by Brad Dwyer and Nelson. Their mission is to make it easy for developers to incorporate computer vision into their products. The software enables users to upload pictures and videos to train the computer vision model. It also helps developers build products that incorporate computer vision publiclawtoday.

Rivalry, a Canadian sports betting and iGaming company, has raised $53 million in funding and plans to continue to expand across the world. Currently, the company has a team of about 70 employees and is focused on expanding its offerings and entering new markets. In addition, Rivalry is working to secure licensing in multiple countries, including the U.S.

To attract new players, Rivalry has a strong media strategy. It has 18 social media properties and multiple YouTube properties. Much of its content has gone viral and the company makes money on all new users. This means Rivalry does not need to spend huge amounts of money on advertising to reach users. Meanwhile, other gambling companies must spend a great deal of money to reach a large number of people lawyersmagazine.

Product development
Quantum Metric is a software company that helps organizations build better digital products faster. The company’s Continuous Product Design platform gives teams a unified view of what customers want. This leads to better alignment of teams and faster product development. The company is growing fast, and it ranks 124 in the Inc 5000 list. The company has won awards for product innovation and revenue growth.

The Quantum Metric platform automates website performance monitoring, cutting time to fix issues from days to minutes. This platform queries petabytes of data to identify root causes of problems. It also helps companies measure their KPIs, including the money lost to poor website performance. Slow pages can drive customers to leave your site before they’ve even completed a purchase lawyerdesk.

Quantum Metric is a SaaS software company that helps organizations build better digital products faster. It recently announced that it has received $200 million in Series B funding, valuing it at $1 billion. This funding will allow the company to scale rapidly. The company plans to use the money to invest in its product and support teams. This will help Quantum Metric deliver a better product for its customers.


The company was founded in 2015 and has a mission to help businesses build better products faster. Its philosophy borrows from agile design and development processes. This philosophy emphasizes achieving efficiency and flexibility through change. With this philosophy, Quantum Metric has become a leading Continuous Product Design solution laws4life.


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