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Narrative Advertising Procedure

Narrating advertising procedures are used in many advertisements, but they have drawbacks. Consumers do not pay attention to these ads, even though the content is interesting. They will only hear about the experiences of characters rather than the brand’s own. Moreover, they will experience less empathy if they are presented with fictional characters that are peripheral to their lives. This is why it is necessary to test the effectiveness of narrative ads.

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Narratives have become increasingly common, but the traditional model of advertisement response is only partially effective in explaining the effect of these advertisements. This article explores the narrator and the role of point of view in this type of advertising. It also examines the consequences of storytelling in advertisements and discusses the “Best Advertising of 1989” compilation. It looks at media patterns, message strategy, and overall communication objectives. We will then examine the effects of narrating advertising.

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Narrative advertising procedures are important because they are highly effective in connecting with potential consumers. One of the recent trends in television advertising is moving away from the traditional second-person commercials and toward commercials that tell stories. USC Annenberg’s Eunjin “Anna” Kim recently joined the school’s public relations program as an assistant professor. She has previously worked at the Temerlin Advertising Institute and the University of Missouri.

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