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Small Modern Bathroom Ideas

A small modern bathroom may not have a lot of space, but that doesn’t mean it can’t have style. If you are redefining your bathroom, you can use sliding doors to increase the usable space and add some style to the room. You can even turn your standard door into a sliding one, making it more unique. This design will also allow you to decorate behind the door. Using innovative wallpaper can add some extra flair to your bathroom.

Alternatively, you can choose a bold color and paint the entire room in a striking pattern. You can also select a bold color and match your fixtures with coordinating accessories. For example, a bold green wall in a small space can make a dramatic impact. If you like to combine patterns and colors, try using geometric shapes and florals. These pieces can easily transition into different design aesthetics. Here are some ideas for your small modern bathroom.

If you aren’t a big fan of black or white tiles, you can opt for a curbless shower with glass panels. This design will accent other elements within the interior. However, black fixtures are notoriously difficult to clean. To avoid water buildup, try rubbing a little oil on them every now and then. Remember that a small modern bathroom doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style. Just try some of these ideas and you’ll have a modern space without breaking the bank.

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