Symbols For Swingers

Pineapple is a universal symbol for swinging, but it does have its own meaning, too. In fact, pineapple on the front porch or mailbox is a sure sign of a swinging party. A pineapple-printed shirt is another way to tell if a couple is into swinging. Another way to recognize a swinger is to look for an upside-down pineapple. The eyes of the public are attracted to anything that’s appealing, even pineapples, newsfed and the upside-down version is especially cryptic.

Black rings are another common symbol, and are often worn by swingers  and theprisma. They are often used as a marker for their community and identify them as swingers. However, this symbol has been criticized as being a non-functional symbol for swingers. While black rings are an obvious symbol for swingers, they aren’t useful for swingers in general. Instead, black rings with a swing symbol are more noticeable. The circle on the black ring helps swingers find one another.

Other symbols for swingers include pineapples, stars, unicorns, catchupdate and pineapples. The star symbol is not a swinger symbol and is considered a welcome sign by many, especially in brooklin, Ontario. The apple company symbol is a half-eaten apple, but this isn’t considered a symbol for swingers. The same holds true for the right-hand ring, a sign of the person seeking swingers.

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